Investment Strategy

BayView is specifically focused on two types of investment opportunities:

Building Market Leaders in Targeted Industries for the Long-Term

BayView performs macro analysis to identify high-quality companies within specifically targeted industry verticals that we believe are poised to benefit from secular trends, regulatory changes, market dislocations, economic trends or other unique circumstances. Some attributes that these businesses typically display are: high margins, differentiated products or services, recurring revenue streams, high customer retention, high barriers to entry and meaningful growth potential. In these situations, BayView will work to continue to build a best-in-class, sustainable and growing enterprise for the long-term.

Turning Around Underperforming Companies & Special Situations

BayView looks for opportunities to acquire businesses that are underperforming relative to their peer group and, in some instances, may be unprofitable. These businesses can be experiencing operational difficulties for a number of reasons including: lack of strategic direction; non-core business to its corporate parent; incomplete management team or general management issues; limited capital resources; supply chain issues; unprofitable operations or revenue streams; misaligned cost structures; underutilized working capital/assets; and outdated technology infrastructure, financial reporting systems and internal controls. In these situations, BayView works closely with the seller to develop a detailed pro-forma operating plan that is implemented immediately post-acquisition and is uniquely tailored to the specific operational and financial issues of the situation. The pro-forma operating plan is designed to rapidly improve cash flow, position the company for future growth and put it on a path to become a market leader within its industry vertical.

With both of the above investment opportunities, BayView welcomes situations where our team of professionals can be inserted into senior management roles on a full-time or interim basis.