For Corporate Sellers

Some specific advantages of working with BayView Capital include:

Thoughtful Dealings

BayView is highly sensitive to the needs of corporate sellers. Corporate divestitures often have far more complexity surrounding the decision to sell. In addition to economic and shareholder considerations, corporate sellers also have to worry about their brand equity. If a sales process isn’t handled appropriately, be it mistreatment of employees, customers or suppliers, brand equity will be tarnished and unquestionable damage will take place. BayView appreciates these concerns and works closely with corporate sellers to maintain the parent company’s reputation in the market place.

Speed and Certainty

BayView understands that timelines may be impacted by external factors when dealing with corporate sellers such as immediate and unexpected liquidity needs, reporting requirement deadlines, government imposed divestitures, or other timing considerations. BayView is skilled in navigating the sales process quickly; from initial discussions regarding the objectives of the seller, through diligence, to the negotiation and signing of definitive agreements.

Flexible and Creative

BayView works closely with corporate sellers to understand and meet their objectives. Sale processes evolve from start to finish and require a flexible and creative approach to deal making. BayView appreciates that every deal is different and welcomes creative structures and terms in order to provide sellers a uniquely tailored solution.


BayView welcomes instances in which corporate sellers wish to retain equity in the business and participate in the upside. Our solution provider approach creates value for all stakeholders and in some instances, results in transaction structures in which shared-services, distribution and supply agreements and other post-closing partnership agreements are put in place. As such, BayView appreciates a seller’s preference to work with a buyer who conducts themself ethically and has a desire to establish long-term partnerships.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.