Culture and Values

BayView was created on a core set of values that drives our culture. Above all, we appreciate our employees and believe that investing in long-term employee development is a key aspect of business growth. We believe we can meet any challenge by creating a world-class culture focused on promoting continuous improvement, enabling employees to unlock their full potential, making a positive difference and having fun.


We conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do. Our actions not only reflect upon us but also our family, friends and associates. Our reputations for being honest and ethical in both our business and personal dealings are of the highest priority.


We view everyone at BayView and our portfolio companies as family. We take pride in having a collaborative culture with open lines of communication at every level. It takes a great team to make great things happen.


Without execution all we have are plans. Our ability to stay disciplined and take the appropriate action on our initiatives is what separates us from the status quo.


We hold ourselves accountable for everything that we do. We take responsibility for our actions and inactions and never transfer blame to others.

Passion & Enthusiasm

Passion and enthusiasm are infectious qualities that have a positive impact on those around you. If your heart is not in your work, you cannot perform at your highest level.

Respect & Appreciation

Stay humble and be respectful to everyone with whom you come into contact. Be quick to praise and show appreciation.


If what you’re doing isn’t fun, then change something to make it fun. You must enjoy what you’re doing in order to be truly successful.